More About Us

Our Vision at Latchett Church is to be a local focus for:-

* Christian worship and teaching

* Friendship, prayer and mutual support

* Extending the Kingdom of God within our Community and beyond by helping people come to faith in Christ

Who are we?

Established for over 60 years as an independent local fellowship of Christians, worshipping and serving God in the community, our church in Latchett Road, South Woodford, offers a warm and loving welcome to all.

What do we do?

Our worship is not cold and formal, neither is it too noisy and clamorous! We try to maintain a warm, friendly family atmosphere and encourage a spirit of liberty and expression for all. Of course, music is a big part of our worship. Of primary importance is our Basis of Faith, which is the foundation of belief for Christians worldwide. We believe in the Baptism of adults (on coming to faith) and the regular (weekly) sharing of Holy Communion as being key practices of the Church life.


We do not have a rigorous and complicated “signing up” form or membership procedure. Those we call members are simply those who have clearly indicated their regular commitment to the Church and their commitment to our Basis of Faith. We do not have formal clergymen or full time pastors to lead services. Whilst we do, of course, have a Leadership Team (see below), we encourage all members to contribute to the life of the Church with the gifts God has given them. Membership is, therefore, actually a responsibility – with everyone involved in some way!


We are financially independent and meet all our obligations from the freewill offerings of the membership, or from other gifts received. We do not think it appropriate to raise funds from the public via jumble sales or lotteries. We are committed to give 20% of our income to local and overseas projects for spreading the good news of Jesus or for relief work done in the name of Jesus. No member of the Church receives any pay for the work of preaching or administration. It is seen as an act of love, using the talents that God has given. We do, of course, make discretionary gifts to visiting preachers or those representing specific organisations. The Church is registered as a Charity (Registered Charity Number 1139611) and all financial gifts are recognised by the government Gift Aid scheme.

The Premises

The buildings on the site were completed in 1961 and comprise an extensive range of halls, classrooms and offices. The buildings are designed for a range of activities and are used in any way appropriate for our Vision (see above). The premises are not generally available for public hire for functions etc.

The Family

At Latchett we are committed to following the government and Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) guidelines as set out in our Safeguarding Policy for Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Whilst we seek to maintain a Church family culture, we also believe it is important that families and children are welcomed and involved in as much of our activity as possible, consistent with their age and understanding. We do not practice “Christening” of infants but welcome the opportunity for a service of thanks and dedication for newborn children. We seek to support the community in times of joy and in times of grief. We are happy to conduct a wedding service of a man and a woman, with an external licence from the council’s Registrar. Also we would seek to help families in times of bereavement by visiting or conducting a funeral service.

The Leadership

As an independent local Church, the Leadership is entrusted to Elders who are responsible for the general Spiritual Oversight, Prayer, Teaching and Pastoral Care.

The Elders are assisted in this task by Deacons and they together form the Leadership Team.

Deacons are appointed from the membership, by invitation of the Elders.

We do not rely on the separate status of "Clergy", seeking rather to encourage the maximum involvement of all members in the Spiritual life of the Church.

The Leadership of the various activities of the Church is appointed by the Leadership Team. All members are encouraged to suggest and participate in any activity which seeks to achieve our Vision (see above).

The Leadership Team meet together monthly to pray and consider all aspects of church family life, including safety, safeguarding and financial issues.


Prayer is central to our individual lives and to the corporate life of the Church. In particular we have a Prayer Ministry Team who pray regularly and make themselves available after services, or at any other time, to support any who indicate the need.

If you want any more information about the topics above please feel free to contact us.